Updated August 2017

With hundreds of visitors coming to Brentwood every weekend, inspired by what they’ve seen on The Only Way is Essex, one of the things we get asked frequently is where the TOWIE shops are located. We thought we’d put together a little map to help everyone out…

Here’s a suggested walking tour that will ensure you see all the TOWIE shops. Brentwood’s not a very big place, so it should only you a couple of hours to make the circuit – depending on how long you decide to browse around the shops, of course ūüôā

Start at the Sugar Hut¬†(1), the now world-famous nightclub owned by Mick Norcross and backdrop for many funny, romantic and sometimes explosive scenes in TOWIE. It’s closed during the daytime but you can still pose for photos in the doorway. There’s now a Sugar Hut coffee shop next door, which is open from 9am.

Walk down the Brentwood High Street heading east (towards Wilson’s Corner, stop and ask locals if you’re heading in right direction), turn left at Pizza Express, and you’ll see Lucy’s Boutique (2) ¬†in front of you across¬†the roundabout. Owned by Lucy Mecklenburgh, the shop stocks a wide range of womenswear and accessories. Check the shop’s Twitter feed to see when Lucy’s next in.

Cross over at the pedestrian crossing on Ongar Road and you’ll see Amy Childs Beauty and Boutique (3). ¬†Amy’s glam boutique stocks her very own Amy Childs Collection (@AmyC_Boutique) of dresses, playsuits and beachwear, as well as offering beauty treatments.

Head back up the Ongar Road towards Wilson’s Corner, and cross over to visit¬†Mick Norcross’ antiques shop at 11 Ingrave Road.¬† Neil Graham Interiors¬†(4) stocks furniture, artwork, unique objects for the home as well as offering a bespoke design service.

Walk back ¬†up to the High Street and walk west until you come back to the Sugar Hut, where you’ll turn left onto Crown Street. Our cobblestoned lane has frequently been used as a backdrop for TOWIE scenes, so you may recognise the place straight away.

A few steps down Crown Street on your right is Bizara (5), the card shop owned by Peri Sinclair from the earlier seasons of TOWIE.

As you leave Bizara, you’ll spy Tarantino Brentwood¬†opposite. Ok, it’s not owned by a TOWIE star but it’s often used for filming and Joey Essex had his Fusey ¬†launch party there. Plus, they serve temptingly tasty Italian meals and fantastic coffee and you might just need to revivie yourself by now!

As you walk out of Tarantino you’ll see Chatham Way car park¬†in front of you.¬†¬†TOWIE has¬†done a lot of filming here (very random, yes, we know) and paparazzi frequently hang out waiting for local celebs to park up. Walk around the corner of the car park, head for the Teriss Bar banner and turn right under a brick archway to enter Roper’s Yard.

On your immediate right you’ll see Minnies Boutique (7), still a magnet for visitors worldwide. Sam and Billie Faiers regularly work the tills and are very good about signing autographs for TOWIE tourists. Check Twitter to see when they’re due in next. You’ll recognise the interior instantly from all the TOWIE scenes that have been filmed here. The shop is small, but deceptively spacious. Be prepared to squeeze in if it’s a Saturday, as the place fills up quickly with lots of Sam and Billie’s adoring fans.

Gemma Collins¬†(6) has recently moved her boutique back to Roper’s Yard. ¬†Her chic shop features stylish clothes and accessories for plus-sized women.

In between the two shops, you’ll find¬†GX2 (8), a health supplement store owned by Dino and George Georgiades, who took over the premises in early 2012. George still works up in London but you’ll usually find Dino in the shop.

Head out of Roper’s Yard, turn right and you’ll be back on Crown Street. Turn left to go back to the high street (you’ll see the Sugar Hut in front of you) and turn left again. ¬†Walk half a block down to Chloe’s Beauty Bar (9), offering hair styling, make up applications and body treatments.

Turn left out of Chloe’s and you’ll be headed back to the Sugar Hut, where you started your tour. ¬†If you’ve got a few minutes left in your schedule, pop back down to Crown Street to explore all our cute indie boutiques, stylish salons, and family-run caf√©s.

We hope you enjoy your time in Brentwood…drop us a line on Facebook or tweet us on @CrownStreetBwd to tell us how you got on!

Shop Addresses

Sugar Hut
93-95 High Street Brentwood, Essex CM14 4RR
01277 200885

Amy Childs Beauty and Boutique
11 Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9AU
01277 223040

Lucy’s Boutique
14a Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9GB
01277 231 2777

Neil Graham Interiors
Address: 11 Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AP
Telephone: 01277 232 222

Address: 27 Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4BA
Telephone: 01277 230254

Minnies Boutique
Address: 8 Ropers Yard, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4BG
Telephone: 01277 210131

Gemma Collins Boutique
Address: 4 Ropers Yard, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4BG
Telephone: 01277 500272

Address: 3 Ropers Yard, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4BG
Telelphone:01277 500 452

Chloe’s Beauty Bar
Address: 115 Brentwood High Street,Brentwood, Essex CM14 4RX
Telephone: 01277 227513